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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Easter Hats!

Funny faces in our awesome Easter Hats! Ya we made these bad boys...don't be jealous of how awesome they turned out!! haha
Showing off there hats!

The boys and I!
One night for FHE we decided to make Easter hats... They loved them, Greg made one with bunny ears sticking up and a fluffy tail on the back but he wouldn't let me put the pic up! He is lucky I'm nice:) We had a great easter, I forgot my camera so there is no pics of the kids egg hunting. I know I'm lame barely posting about it but better late then never I guess! Greg was still working the outage so he didn't get to go to the Blue with us. So me and the boys and my mom headed out Saturday with all her family and had a picnic by the river. We had a egg hunt for the kids and they had a blast! Jax actually got into it this year so we ended up with lots of eggs! It was nice to finally get out of the house and be able to play outside..It's been a long winter! Loving the weather these past few days, hope it's here to stay!!

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